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Ophthalmology Clinic Lirema was established to ensure that people who suffer from vision impairments would be able to get a professional, comprehensive and most innovative help. Our aim is to give the people who come to us an opportunity to have rich and quality life, and forget all visual impairments. We will be happy if visiting us will give you a brighter start in your life!

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Significant scientific inventions extended options for ophthalmologists – for 25 years, visually impaired people enjoy a time-tested opportunity – visual freedom!

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Clouding of the eye lens caused by aging or other causes is called a cataract. This disease cannot be treated with medicine. The only treatment option that can return a perfect vision is surgery.

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Our qualities

Sustainable and safe surgery, long-term relationships with patients, ensuring the highest service quality.

Our clinic employs experienced ophthalmic microsurgeons, our range of services grows continuously, we invest in the professional growth of our specialists, and perform thousands of operations annually.

We use up-to-date medical equipment. Our clinic is a representative centre for a well-known German manufacturer Carl Zeiss in Lithuania.

Our experience is recognized by our international partners in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We believe that your vision is flawless... But if you are concerned about it, we look forward to your visit.

Our client references

Life became brighter.
- Antanas, an architect
The dream to live without glasses became true – I feel great!
- Emilija, a teacher
I discovered sailing and skiing for myself.
- Matas, engineer
I am happy – I burn with passion for life.
- Gintare, florist
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